Friday, May 2, 2014

#MTBlowout, Night Two!

Last night was second night of Metro Times Blowout 17, and the first night that the action came to three cities at once. Again, trying to shoot on a school night (I can use that phrase, I'm a teacher) proves difficult, so I was only out for two bands last night. I ventured to the Rust Belt Market in Ferndale for some folk songs, and was not disappointed.

First up were the DeCamp Sisters, a folk duo from up the road. Alternating a steel guitar and a banjo between them, they played fantastic songs about books and drowning, while talking here and there about horse birthdays. Great musicianship, excellent harmonies, and lovely melodies. You can listen to them and see their fantastic cover art at their bandcamp page. Here are some photos:

I was so happy to get this shot.

Afterward, Dolfish (a guy named Max) took the stage, and gave the kind of folk performance I love. His songs were incredibly catchy, and by his own proclamation, sad stories presented in a funny way. I'll admit I laughed at his pain more than once, especially on "I'm proud of you Joanna," but it was his personality that made it possible. Never has a man with an acoustic introduced a song before as his "CLUB BANGER," and I was more than willing to accept that each track was, truly, a banger (by non-Haverford definitions). Look him up at his bandcamp, and check out the pictures below.

That's all I had time for, but I'm really enjoying Metro Times Blowout so far this year. I intend to make it to Hamtramck tonight unless I just run out of steam, and then tomorrow (Saturday) will be Ferndale again, where the Rust Belt will have a food truck rally. I love food, you guys. Anyway, see ya.

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