Thursday, May 1, 2014

Metro Times Blowout 17 - Launch Party

Hi all! I've still got tons of California posts to grace your eyeballs, but in order to be timely, I've decided to wait on those until next week and post the photos from Metro Times Blowout  as they happen over the next several days.

Last night was the Launch Party at the Magic Stick/Garden Bowl, and while I was only able to stay for a little over an hour (day job and a cold), I did get some great shots.

Oscillating Fan Club started off the night. Excellent rock and roll.

Next up was the country-folk vibe of Ryan Dillaha and the Miracle Men -- and yes, they covered Elvis Costello along with their own excellent tracks. Extremely talented musicians, and a guitarist that actually solos. And I mean SO-LOS.

I ended with watching Ronny Tibbs and the 305s. I only caught a few songs before I had to get home, but it was truly an amazing mix of styles -- and the first time I've seen a particular instrument on-stage.

I headed out early, but there were tons of other great bands, and plenty more to come over the next several days. On my way out, I even ran into some students I taught in 7th grade, now sophomores, who were picking up their passes -- they'll be playing Smalls on Friday night! Shout out to you, Electric Graffiti.

One last thing I would like to mention -- a lot of photographers were at this event, both from Metro Times and otherwise. Some were incredibly courteous, and others were just worried about their shot. Don't forget that other people are trying to watch the band and you might be blocking them. Also, don't forget that you are watching the band. Clap at the end of the song -- it isn't a good time for a picture, and that band is up there working just like you. Also, wearing headphones while photographing a band from the front row communicates to them that you are just working, and don't give a care about them. Think about that.

I'll keep up with posts from #MTBLOWOUT all weekend!

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