Sunday, March 24, 2019

Alchemist's Hand -- game launch at Cellarman's

At a friend's art show last month, he debuted version one of a new board game he had come up with and fabricated for the event. This past weekend, it was featured and sold at Cellarman's in Hazel Park. Alchemist's Hand is a quick play with more strategy each and every time, but what I like about it most already is that the game plays entirely differently depending on the number of people you have -- even if they are on your team. String your elements together as if you're the most cunning court member of the Dark Ages, and then block your opponent's move like a kid playing connect four. Here's some shots I took at Friday evening's official launch for Alchemist's Hand.

Basic layout before any tiles have been played -- red, blue and purple gems as elements, tiles to show you where you can play, and a screen-printed game board.
Multiple versions of the game are available, including a deluxe edition with the screening done on leather.
Alchemist's Hand was created by RedDevilMadeThis, who counts these tombstones among his artwork for sale and commission. 
A shot of the game creator, his girlfriend, and a french bulldog named Peggy.