Saturday, February 2, 2013

I still dig music.

Before this blog, or any of my photography, I used to go to a lot of shows and write about them, as well as scribble an album review here or there. I tried to do that for Absolute Punk a bit, and have some reviews there -- some I wanted to do, others they sent to me and I was honest about -- but it didn't have staying power for me at the time. So, I stopped doing that, and haven't been to as many shows as I did when I was a younger man. But nowadays when I can, I do. Last night, my wife got a call from our friends Pat and Anna, and they invited us to a local bar/pool hall/music venue called The Loving Touch. It's connected to and owned by the great folks of the Woodward Avenue Brewery, with a very open floor plan and never much crowding. I like it there. Anyway, Pat wanted us to come see Dragon Wagon, a "bluegrass folk" band, so we did. I took a few pictures with my 50mm f/1.8. Here are some.

I actually prefer to use this kind of lighting, so I didn't really sacrifice anything -- I didn't even have to deal with crowds, because the folks that came to see the show left plenty of space for me to move about. There were a good amount of people watching, but the venue allowed for me to get far and near as needed, since the lens was fixed. It seems that more and more cameras are allowed in music venues nowadays, so I will try to keep this up, especially since I want to be at more shows, and thus feel younger.