Saturday, May 24, 2014

California, Part 6 - San Francisco

This marks the conclusion of our California trip and my subsequent posts. After experiencing the beauty of national parks and monuments, hugging a redwood or two, and nearly falling off enough cliffs, it was time to do the only thing you can do to pass the time in San Francisco -- touristy bull.

We stood here and made a lot of Sean Connery/Nicholas Cage jokes.

People don't always eat their bread bowls. 

We had a lunch here. (What is this, Instagram?)

Best House Paint

Best Led Zeppelin playing street performer, 12-string and all.

Of course I rode a trolley. I love trains and anything that falls under their general classification.

Upstreet shot from the trolley.

The loving smirk of a person who knows just how excited I am to be on a trolley.

Downhill from the back of the trolley.

And then we left San Francisco for our perfect beach home. In the morning I packed my bags and headed to the airport and back home to shoot Blowout 17, while Alison stayed in Sonoma for a week, working. We both loved our time in California, and I think one last mini-post will serve as a thank you to our hosts.

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