Sunday, May 4, 2014

Metro Times Blowout 17 - Friday Night

I made three out of four nights for Blowout this year, and while that has some disappointment to it, I have to respect my limits. I did make it to Hamtramck on Friday for a bit, and saw two bands that I'll tell you all about right now. This will conclude my run of posts from Blowout!

First up is an all-girl rock group out of Rochester -- I actually used to teach several of the members a few years ago, but they've come a long way since then. Electric Graffiti has great stage presence and instrumentation, and remains a group of young musicians to watch for the future. Here they are on stage at Small's, which is a pretty amazing venue to play so early in a career.

Of course, when I asked them how school was going, they didn't care much to reply. Always, the awkward teacher-outside-of-school stereotype remains, I suppose.

Afterward, I headed to Kelly's on a recommendation from my friend and co-worker Sean. Friends of his from high school, collectively Amateur Anthropologist, played a set that loudly shook the bar that always seems like a house to me. Comparable to Queens of the Stone Age or the rock side of punk, I would highly recommend following Sean's advice to check them out.

That's it for my work from #MTBlowout. I didn't make the last night, and that's okay. Get ready for a lot of California shots all this coming week! 

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