Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sauble Beach, Ontario

How extraordinarily rude of me to ignore the spike in posts and page views (hi, everyone!) by not providing new content in a month. I'll be honest -- it's been busy with the end of the school year. But now that the seniors are graduated and the rest of the school finishing a week from yesterday, I'll be able to focus on my photography exclusively for several weeks of vacation. It'll be quite a joyful experience at all hours of the day.

Speaking of vacation, I take a yearly trip in June to Sauble Beach, Ontario with some friends each year. David's family owns a cottage there and has for generations, and the entire place is paradise. If you've never heard of it, know that Sauble Beach is a natural white-sand beach, and that the weather is absolutely perfect this time of year. Here are a few shots from two weekends ago, when the gentlemen took their yearly sabbatical.

My favorite shot of the whole trip, at Sauble Falls, minutes from the cottage.

Sunset on the white sand is a beautiful thing. Huron doesn't normally look that calm -- at least, not from the Michigan side of things.

Nerdy, I know. But when you manage to frame something like this properly while also forgetting the tripod back at the cabin (camera self-timered and balanced on shoes), you have to share it. 

No excuse for this one -- just gentlemen enjoying a fire and some long exposure.