Sunday, March 5, 2017

Something as simple as Rock & Roll would save us all

Yesterday evening, my buddy Shawn invited me out to see his band, The Reissues, playing at The Old Miami in Cass Corridor. I've always wanted to shoot a show there, ever since I saw the music-inspired metal door, but this was the first time I'd ventured in. Shawn's band was second up, so first up, let's feature a few from Former Critics, a female-fronted emo/alternative outfit that worked overtime and fired the crowd right up, turning an empty floor into remnants of the tile.

Next up, The Reissues, the main feature of this post. Fronted by two men that exchange positions and instruments, and backed by energetic drums and creative synth use (along with a glockenspiel), these guys kept us all going for a full hour of powered rock. 

I was super glad I found the time and got the invite, because this did not disappoint. Sadly I could not stay for the final band, but diaper duty calls. Anyway, better use of five bucks than a fancy coffee -- support your local music scene!