Sunday, January 26, 2014

Royal Oak Craft Beer Festival 2014

It never hurts to ask -- sure, this event was covered by a Free Press photographer that was kind enough to chat with me for a few minutes, but events love coverage, so when I emailed the promoter to ask for a press pass, he was happy to oblige.

Everyone loves a marquee. However, this does leave some confusion, since there was a "beer fest" the week before at the farmer's market, and this one stands out as a craft beer fest. It's right there in the fantastic website:

The various logos of participating breweries were projected on the screen all night, looping. The stage was also one of several areas for breweries to set up.

And I do mean several. What this did, however, was spread the event across the whole of the place. It was a very well-attended event, but there was enough space and staggering so that you never waited in line for long. 

Between these gentlemen, Yorg and Sheehan, and the DJ, there was music I could hear over the talking all night. Obviously the place was built for great acoustics, but I was surprised how well they filled the place.
Here's a shot from the stage looking up. I was dealing with a lot of red light in the place, so my post-process/editing went down like this -- I shifted the red level in curves, and then brought up overall brightness. Getting better at it -- bad pictures give me an opportunity.

From the Balcony, which was open to VIP only for  a while, here's the floor and sound booth. Anyone with a western shirt and cowboy style hat are volunteers furthering those that benefit from the event -- Camp Casey, a local charity that uses horseback riding as a healing tool for children with cancer.

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