Sunday, January 26, 2014

Fire and Ice -- heavy on the Ice, it would seem

This weekend in Rochester, Michigan, the Fire and Ice Festival was held. They feature a lot of great events, and participating businesses have Ice Sculptures displayed on the sidewalk before their storefronts. I attended briefly to see part of a demonstration by Finesse Ice Sculptures out of Shelby Township, who actually create the sculptures for the event. Their work is featured throughout this post.

Tools of the trade.

Unfortunately, this is the extent of the "demonstration" for which I was able to stay. The ice blocks are made in one basic size, and have to be adhered/frozen together to make large sculptures. So, bascially, I was standing around waiting for ice to melt. I moved on.

Logging Truck

Starship Enterprise

Clear Submarine. Making it with yellow ice would have been weird.

The detail shot of the bicycle wheel shows you the level of detail these men put into their work. The spokes are of equal length, and that blows my mind.

Last one -- the Cruise Ship was great on its own, but the chalkboard flow-chart was the reason for the shot.

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