Thursday, January 9, 2014

Rochester Mills Brewery Tour

For my birthday (which was five days ago), my best friend and his father took me along on a brewery tour. They are both members of the Michigan Brewer's Guild, and as the tour was led by the President of the Guild (and brewmaster at Rochester Mills), they were able to bring me as a guest and photographer. Here are some photos I took. If these end up being featured elsewhere (they might, still in the works) I'll update the post to say so.

UPDATE: The photos from this post were featured in Hour Magazine's Food Blog! Check out the post here!

Close up of empty cans -- there are a lot of them since they come pre-labeled and have to be ordered en masse.

We asked to take one since it was my birthday. Denied. 

Seven Fermenters -- the facility has room for forty more!

The canning line -- back half of it, starting with a UV light for purity/sanitation

Cans exit the line onto a piece of the Piston's floor from the Palace.

More of the operation.

Great time, awesome brewery. Thanks to Rochester Mills and the Michigan Brewer's Guild for putting it on!

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