Thursday, December 13, 2012

Climate Change is not a Victimless Crime

A melted snowman is not the visage of Ozymandias, but they mean the same thing. Who were we to be so arrogant that we tried to make a man of this miracle that fell from the sky? These crystal, individualistic as they are fragile, came from above preformed and perfect, and our response was to shape them into a bastardization of our own image? Shame on us.
We must always believe that we can immortalize ourselves with items we simply did not appreciate in their own form, despite its overall ability to be perceived as perfect. Nothing we make can be as great as the original elements, can they? But we try it anyway. Sure, a painted picture is more beautiful than the individual tubes of acrylic, but is it as beautiful as the woman crushing flowers and water to create the first version of that violent, crimson paint that catches your eye first? A professor instruction on the manner in which it pops from the page would do well to think of her centuries-old contribution to the canvas.
You’re great, trust me. But you’re still a collection of elements, forged in a star that could liquefy you the same way it did your creation. Appreciate it, appreciate yourself, and try and see the world by itself, and not your mirror. Not every electron was made to spin the same way.

Photo credit: @hemogoblins. Originally posted on the tumblr on 01/31/2012, at which time it was called "57 on 1/31," referring to the unseasonable warmth that decayed the filthy snowman that Kari spotted.

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