Monday, July 29, 2013

Prints on Metal

I decided to do a few prints specifically for hanging in the garage. In keeping with the theme of the garage (lots of metal signs above the new workbenches), I elected for prints on sheet metal. I purchased two pieces of pre-cut 28 gauge steel at Home Depot (about $12 bucks or so) and had the photos printed at Staples for another $3. They needed to be on a color laser, as do all photos for transfer by this method, but on standard paper. That downsized my ideal from an 18x12 to a 17x11 with a border, but I made due. Using acrylic gel medium from my local Utrecht, I took the color reverse-printed photos, laid them on the metal with a layer of medium between, and pushed it out smooth with a plastic card. A day later, I started breaking off the paper using a damp cloth and my fingers, and then when it was done, I decided to coat with Rustoleum Clear Coat High-Gloss, instead of sealing with wax. It seemed more... industrial. 

17x11 of the Oberto boat rounding the Roostertail Turn at the APBA Gold Cup Race

12x8 of a train bridge in Royal Oak. It's faint, but the old carving of the words "Grand Trunk" are still visible when you see this one in person.

And a 7.5x6 of the truck, without which there would be no garage re-do.

I still have to hammer down the edges to get them smooth, because hand cutting these pieces to size with my old tin snips was not the easiest. Once I do, they'll go up in the garage. Oh, and for those wondering -- cost of project ~$20; time of completion 3 hours over 2 days.

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  1. Can you do the cover of Andrew W.K.'s "I Get Wet" onto a piece of metal so it is metal on metal?