Thursday, July 25, 2013

APBA Gold Cup - Detroit

When I was growing up, we called it Thunderfest. Apparently in the twenty years or so since I last attended, the turbines got quiet and the race took on a more appropriate name. None the less, the weekend before last was an amazing display of powerboating along the Detroit River. The pictures are divided into two categories and posts -- this one features the "unlimited" powerboats, powered by turbines and racing for the cup. A second post coming tomorrow will have the smaller "vintage" style of boats, which also made for some great photos. Anyway, here we go:

I had a great view of this tight second turn, known as "the Roostertail" since it is right in front of the restaurant. My father watched from there with his wife, while I was in the grandstands with my father-in-law.

Behind these two is the Detroit Yacht Club on Belle Isle. They are a huge sponsor of the race, and you can see their logo on every racer.

Here you can see the damage that the Graham boat took early on.

Oh Boy Oberto was predicted to win, but a lane violation gave a one lap penalty, and since it is only a five lap race, making that up is nearly impossible.

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