Wednesday, June 29, 2016

(Re)finding my passion

Hi there, you. It's been some time, and that's partially my fault. You see, my wife and I had a child just before the last post you saw here from me, and he has been most of our day ever since. I mean, just look at him:

Now that's a baby!

Anyway, as new parents we kind of lost where we were going as individuals, and we're both working hard to get that back now that we've realized it. I used to define myself as a writer and photographer, and for a while I couldn't say either, because father came first, and nothing came after it -- at times, not even husband. As I continue to make that less true by again recognizing my individuality, I had to think about my passions in life.

I've tried woodworking, as recently as this weekend, and while I can craft something with a dremel, my heart really isn't in it. Adult realization: I'm not good at everything and can't keep trying in the name of being a Renaissance man. Just the same, I am a mediocre bass player, and won't likely have a show ever again, because I'm an adult. So, I'm not going to go around pretending that I'm an eventual musician. What I do enjoy, truly enjoy, and still have creative inspiration about, is my photography. So, this week, I'm back. I've got materials for a few shoots I want to do, and the past year and a half of side work that I haven't shared with you.


Don't get me wrong; I love my kid. But my life isn't meant to be just him all the time, because I'm still me. I didn't name him Frank because I wanted him to have his own clean start, but I'm the one who got wrapped up in someone else. Just as my wife finds her passion for design and fitness again, I will be pouring myself into photography (and some fitness would help, too) going forward.

Time to schedule some posts in a way that allow this one time to breathe. Thanks guys.

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