Friday, July 11, 2014

Site changes and updates, as well as my feelings on that.

So, I've made a few changes, and more are coming. To begin with, the Instagram feed is gone from the sidebar, and I've taken that account to private. Why? For one, I stopped using it because I was never happy with the pictures. I've never been big on filters, and as much as I enjoy the tagging aspect of online collaboration, it was basically just another thing I had to update. I've also closed out the old version of this blog from Tumblr by deleting it altogether. The stories there had already migrated here some time ago, and I was never a huge fan of Tumblr for my purposes. It works for some people, but just not for me.

Now, on to what I am going to do, instead of what I won't: new site design began today, and I'll launch before the end of the month. This will include a more detailed portfolio page, as well as separation between the stories about others photos and the different styles of my own. I feel like I can do a better job of posting both if they have some separation. The web address won't change, but the look and feel most certainly will.

I've also began posting in a few new places -- most notably sharing to Google+ Communities and starting a portfolio on 500px. Look me up either place.

As I'll never post a site announcement without a picture, here's a fish I met once:

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  1. That fish looks so bummed. "Awwwww man! You got me!"