Thursday, November 7, 2013

Election Night - A Victory Party!

Those that have known me for more than a few years know that politics run deep with my family. I'm not one for running, personally, but through my father and uncle I grew up working a plethora of campaigns -- everything from writing literature to knocking doors. This past weekend I went out and dropped a piece for my good friend Jeremy Mahrle, as well as the coordinated party on his campaign, Sharlan Douglass. Both were on the ballot for Royal Oak City Commission, and both were victorious! I moved from Royal Oak about a year ago into neighboring Clawson, but I still have ties to the community and feel they will be a great voice for the growth and prosperity of the town.

Anyway, canvassing on Sunday led to an invitation to the election night party at 5th Avenue in Royal Oak. It was great watching the results roll in again, and hearing victorious speeches from Mayor Ellison (who ran unopposed, but still) as well as Jeremy and Sharlan. Also sharing in the event was One Royal Oak, a campaign that celebrated the victory of a human rights ordinance that now prevents discrimination against LGBT individuals along with those already protected. Here's a few shots from that evening:

Mayor Ellison looks on as the head of One Royal Oak campaign thanks supporters for backing the successful Human Rights Ordinance.

Jeremy and his campaign manager, Alex, to the left of Mayor Ellison.

Sharlan, one of the new commissioners, thanking supporters.

Jeremy, also now a confirmed winner, thanking supporters as Sharlan applauds their victory.

Jeremy Mahrle, Royal Oak City Commissioner 

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