Monday, May 13, 2013

Embrace your generation, I guess.

No photos of my own in this post -- just a capture from Google Maps.

So, I was reading the most recent issue of Time, and the cover story is all about The Me Generation; those terrible Millennials and their narcissism. I realize that I was born in 85, but I just seethe with anger at the younger end of my generation -- so far from Gen X and so unaware of a world without advanced internet. Students posting selfies all day ruin my mood. Why? If it happened during your class, you'd be upset too. But, anyway, to my point -- I was reading about the attitude of the generation, and I noticed something interesting: they have the technology, but they don't use it to broaden their horizions. I definitely do... don't I?

Oh goodness, I've only ever looked at my own houses on Google Maps, or the layout of a mini-mall to figure out which one was the chinese place I was heading. Satellites all over the place, and I can't take the time to explore? To figure out which country is where? I mean, I know a lot, but there are just things that I don't know and have to search more to find out. I'm a lifelong learner, so naturally I finally went and searched the globe for something I'd never seen before. This is what I found.

(image courtesy of Google Maps)

Kotelny Island, part of New Siberia. This island is on the northern coast of Russia! It has everything on it! Go find something cool, guys.

I'll post some photos soon. We went somewhere and I'll tell you all about it.