Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Downtown Clawson

My wife and I moved to our new home in Clawson, Michigan just about six months ago, and have loved every bit of this charming community so far. Today I had some time to stroll about the nearby downtown and take a few pictures. Here are some, with a link to the full album in my google+/picasa photos.

One side of Main Street, south of 14,

and the other.

I spent a little time in Flipside. It's the closest thing I've found to Melodies&Memories that I grew up with in Eastpointe. 

The southwest corner of downtown -- beautiful building.

Frittata - winner of my heart, and a hidden gem award. We have breakfast here once per weekend.

This is a brief collection of my Clawson photos, with more available here, and I'm going to keep expanding it both here and by posting to Clawson Patch. 


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