Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Visit to the Auto Show

The North American International Auto Show, or NAIAS, has been at Cobo Hall in Detroit all week. On the first public day, Saturday the 19th, I went down with my father-in-law, brother-in-law, and of course my wife (in law?). It was a superb time, and I really like how loose camera restrictions have gotten. I'll be submitting one of these for the contest at, but here are my finalists.

Detail of the Ford Shelby Mustang.

The Acura NSX, which was unveiled by my Uncle Mike earlier in the week.

Lincoln's new crossover, which seeks to bring in a younger crowd, had me pretty convinced. 

Pretty, but never has been my style. I suppose if they let me drive it, I'd see the appeal.

There are lots of better ways to shoot cars if you have control of the lighting, but I just used what was there, and tried to make myself move through the crowd with ease. I don't have a great shot of the new "Stingray" Corvette, because I have to crop out some bystandards and haven't done any post-processing on the car album yet. Anyway, that's my trip to the auto show. You really should go.

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